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Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic Care 2 - Orthopedic CareOrthopedic care encompasses several different options. In addition to joint replacement, medications, and surgical procedures, the options for treatment at Orange County Orthopedic Surgeons can include:

  • Rest – Sometimes, rest is all that is needed to relieve pain
  • Ice and heat therapy – Ice is used right after an injury to minimize swelling, and heat is used a few days later to relieve pain
  • Compression – Compression materials help to improve circulation to the area, which encourages healing
  • Elevation – Elevating an injured area can reduce swelling
  • Physical therapy – Physical therapy involves different exercises that relieve pain and restore range of motion
  • Braces, slings, custom orthotics – These types of equipment help to keep an injured area stationary so that it can heal
  • Weight reduction and exercise – Lifestyle changes that contribute to weight loss can relieve some orthopedic conditions, like hip and knee conditions
  • Nerve stimulation – This involves preventing the spinal cord and brain from receiving pain signals, and can offer pain relief for extended period
  • Taping – Taping off certain joints can keep them stable long enough to heal
  • Massage therapy – This improves blood circulation and can also minimize tension in the muscles

The best type of treatment for your injury will depend on many factors, including your pain levels and your medical history. In fact, your treatment plan might depend on a combination of many different methods.
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