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NFL Player Evaluations

NFL Player Evaluations Orange County Orthopedic Surgeons - NFL Player Evaluations
Dr. Moheimani with Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson

Dr. Moheimani works with National Football League (NFL) athletes to make sure that their bodies are healthy after training. Having consulted with NFL athletes at STARS Socal (Sports Training and Orthopedic Services), Dr. Moheimani assists players in going out onto the field confident in their physical health and agility.

The Difference

The NFL player evaluations performed by Dr. Moheimani place emphasis on non-invasive (or minimally invasive) and quick recovery strategies. Too many existing sports medicine clinics push extensive surgical procedures on players, which leads to long recovery times and lengthy rehabilitation periods. In contrast, our evaluations and sports medicine care revolves around getting you healthy with the least amount of recovery time possible. This can be accomplished with the wealth of experience that Dr. Moheimani has in the area of sports and overuse injuries and trauma. His decades of expertise and experience allow him to diagnose and provide treatment for every individual, regardless of their initial injury or condition.

Common Problems for NFL Players

NFL Player Evaluations Orange County Orthopedic Surgeons 1 - NFL Player Evaluations
Dr. Moheimani with Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster

Football has the highest rate of injury in any sport, and not all of those injuries occur from tackles and collisions—in fact, the majority of injuries are due to overuse and sudden movements like in any other sport. Regardless, even the protective equipment used during football is not a guarantee that an injury will not occur.

Some of the most common injuries that develop for football players include:

  • Pulled hamstrings
  • Knee injuries (ACL/PCL, cartilage)
  • Ankle sprains
  • Shoulder injuries
  • General overuse injuries, such as patellar tendinitis
  • Cramping
  • Concussions
  • Heat injuries

Additionally, many of the injuries that plague football players happen during preseason rather than during regular season games. For this reason, prevention strategy that takes place year-round is just as important as treating injuries once they occur. Dr. Moheimani works with athletes to ensure that they are conditioning themselves to avoid injury to the highest extent possible. This can include focus on muscle alignment, strengthening, and running techniques. Incorporating pre-season evaluations can also help players to stay abreast of any potential issues or prevention strategies before training for the season even begins.


Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith Schuster1 - NFL Player Evaluations
Tampa Bay Buccaneer Alex Gray receiving a consultation

Rehabilitation is an important step following a sports injury. The best rehabilitation plan will depend on each individual player. Dr. Moheimani will develop a customized plan that can include any of the following:

  • Interval training
  • Physical therapy
  • Agility drills
  • Sports-specific movements
  • Return-to-play guidelines

By following these non-invasive rehabilitation techniques, football players find that they are able to return to their sport quickly and with full capacity. Dr. Moheimani’s focus remains on treating the whole patient rather than just on the current orthopedic issue. This means that the primary goal in NFL player consultation is to make sure that there are many years of quality and healthy games in the player’s future, rather than lengthy recovery times that are needed to treat just one orthopedic injury.

Dr. Moheimani has proudly consulted with players such as Alex Gray, Isaac Whitney II, Rushel Shell, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and more.

NFL Player Evaluations Orange County Orthopedic Surgeons 1 - NFL Player Evaluations

Dr. Moheimani consulting Oakland Raider Isaac Whitney II